Belt driven 4-90kW compressors

A line of affordable, economical belt driven oil compressors. Units are characterized by low noise level (up to 75 dBA) and productivity up to 1650/1400/1100 l/min. They have a simple automatic control system for FX32 operation. They have a self-diagnosis function and are able to signal the need for maintenance.
Units of a standard series with the microprocessor control system on the panel and the FX32 controller. The belt compressor has three modes of operation: under load, pending, stop. The engine is protected from overheating and power line surges. The compressors are supplied with a built-in refrigerated air dryer (option D).
These units can be purchased for operation in almost any industrial and climatic conditions. The equipment is easy to operate, maintain and repair. In this REMEZA series you can choose a unit with a productivity of up to 6200/5500 l/min. The control is performed from the panel displayed on the frame. Russian menu.
The most powerful industrial units from the “Standard” series. This is a durable equipment, which is characterized by high productivity (up to 15200/13400 l/min). It has an intuitive control panel with a menu in Russian and an advanced microprocessor system. It is possible to connect up to 8 compressors.
A line of compressors of “Premium” series with a minimum capacity (up to 11 kW). The units have a low noise level (up to 75 dBA) and productivity of up to 1650/1400/1100 l/min. They are equipped with a control panel with a microprocessor system, optionally completed with a refrigerated dryer (option D), a frequency converter and an improved microprocessor system (option BC).
A series of compact compressors with a productivity range from 2200/1900/1400 to 3500/3200/2500 l/min. The units can be equipped with a frequency converter (option BC) and a refrigerated dryer (option D). Noise level — up to 69 dBA. A modern microprocessor system is responsible for controlling the unit.
A line of industrial compressors for use in any industrial and climatic conditions. The units operate in the following modes: load, pending, stop. The productivity is 5200/4800/4000/3600 or 6000/5200/4500/4200 l/min (depends on the model). The control panel with a simple interface is located on the front of the frame.
A line of high-performance screw compressors REMEZA with an automatic control system of operating parameters and the Russian menu. The productivity of the units depends on the model and makes 7200/6500/5600/5100 or 8500/7700/6700/6000 l/min. It is possible to complete the units with additional equipment to meet the customer's requirements.
The most powerful industrial screw compressors of “Premium” series. The productivity of the units is 12800/11100/1000/9000 or 15200/13300/11300/10500 l/min depending on the model. Optionally equipped with ABB soft starters (option H). Unit operation is fully controlled from the control panel.

This series of compressor equipment is equipped with a microprocessor control system. This control system is characterized by high flexibility, accuracy and reliability.

The 15 kW belt compressor can be installed in almost any work conditions. In this case, such equipment can be equipped with built-in refrigerated dryer.

These screw compressors are complemented by multifunctional controllers. Up to 8 compressors can be connected to one such control system, which significantly rationalizes the process of control of the equipment.

Compressors with a capacity of 75.0 — 90.0 kW can be used in a wide variety of fields. They operate with low oil consumption and have a high level of productivity.

Series of equipment VK-T series is suitable for installation in almost any climatic conditions. They are durable and reliable compressors that are simple and easy to use.