Belt driven 4-90kW compressors

This series of compressor equipment is equipped with a microprocessor control system. This control system is characterized by high flexibility, accuracy and reliability.

The 15 kW belt compressor can be installed in almost any work conditions. In this case, such equipment can be equipped with built-in refrigerated dryer.

These screw compressors are complemented by multifunctional controllers. Up to 8 compressors can be connected to one such control system, which significantly rationalizes the process of control of the equipment.

Compressors with a capacity of 75.0 — 90.0 kW can be used in a wide variety of fields. They operate with low oil consumption and have a high level of productivity.

Series of equipment VK-T series is suitable for installation in almost any climatic conditions. They are durable and reliable compressors that are simple and easy to use.