Air treatment systems

CJSC "Remez" produces modern air treatment systems to meet the strict technological standards. Our catalog presents air refrigerated dryers, cyclone separators and other units that are used for deep cleaning of the compressed air and its preparation for subsequent use in manufacturing plants. Thanks to this equipment the compressed air gets rid of water and oil vapor, solid particulates and dust.

Air treatment systems' scope of application

The use of untreated compressed air is unacceptable in many industries. Condensed water, dirt particles and other impurities reduce the service lifetime of the compressor equipment, reduce the quality of the manufactured items. It is particularly important to install air treatment systems at enterprises:

  • producing close control equipment - measuring, optical, electronic, etc.;
  • for the production of plastics as well as paints and varnishes;
  • food, medical and pharmaceutical industry;
  • chemical and oil-refining industry;
  • in the field of engineering.

The variety of systems produced by CJSC "Remeza"

Our company supplies to the market the following air treatment system:

  • air desiccant dryers. Designed to reduce the dew point and air drying in the production facilities, auxiliary rooms and other facilities;
  • air refrigerated dryers. The devices for drying of compressed air, subsequently absorbed by the compressor units of different power. The dryers are also installed in technical rooms with pneumatic pipelines;
  • cyclone separators. Eliminate the compressed air from the residual content of water vapor, prolong the lifespan of the filter elements. Our catalog presents the separators in steel and aluminum housing;
  • oil water separators. Designed specifically to remove the remnants of lubricating oil from air treatment systems;
  • air filters. They remove impurities from the compressed air - vapor, solid particles and other contaminants. First of all, necessary for steady operation of the piston type compressors;
  • activated carbon towers. The devices that provide a dry filtration of compressed air and removal of oil particles from it;
  • aftercoolers. We manufacture aftercoolers with water and air cooling. Their purpose is regulation of the dew point and reducing the temperature of the compressed air to the optimal values.

What to pay attention to when choosing?

First of all, we recommend you contacting the staff of the CJSC "Remeza" via the feedback form and get a detailed advice. The specialists of the company will tell you in detail about the produced treatment systems, their technical specifications.

To make the right choice, the buyer must know the following parameters:

  • the performance of the compressor, to which the equipment is selected;
  • the dew point of the treatment systems;
  • the type of cooling-water or air (for aftercoolers);
  • material for manufacturing of the housing (for compressed air filters and cyclone separators).

To buy in Germany any units presented in the catalog, contact us or official dealers of CJSC "Remeza" in your region. Official factory warranty is available for all treatment systems.