Piston compressors Fiac series

Affordable prices and easy maintenance are the main advantages of these models. Our catalog contains direct-drive compressors with receivers from 24 to 50 liters.

This series combines some of the most popular models of compressor equipment. The volume of a receiver of the Fiac compressors with a belt drive can make from 50 to 500 liters.

Due to the vertical location of the receiver, this equipment can be installed even in rooms of a small area with limited free space.

The presence of a gasoline drive makes it possible for the compressor to operate autonomously in places where the equipment cannot be connected to power.

Compressors of this series can be used to ensure operation of units for which a pressure of up to 16 bars is required. Especially often, such compressors are installed at service stations.

The compressor of the “Tandem” type consists of two compressors connected in parallel, which allows for more efficient power control and a higher level of reliability

The air compressor Fiac can be equipped with a drive of both direct and belt type. This is a reliable and modern compressor equipment with a capacity from 1.5 to 7.5 kW. The series of Fiac piston compressors can also be combined with a belt drive "Tandem", as a result their power is doubled.

The units of this series are mainly intended for domestic use. In addition, they are used:

  • in the consumer service centres and workshops;
  • in car-care centres and garages;
  • in small factories of various industries;
  • for the repair of roads, general utilities and communications.

The advantages of piston compressors Fiac

The piston compressor Fiac offers versatility, practicality and ease of use. It is one of the most modern piston compressors for the moment. Despite the relatively small power, these units offer high performance - up to 2 thousand l/min. The compressed air produced by the compressors has a low residual content of solid particles and water vapor.

The other important advantages of the series of Fiac compressor units are:

  • low weight (29 kg) and compact dimensions;
  • Ease of movement and ease of transportation to the facility;
  • Cost-effective energy consumption;
  • the low level of vibration and noise;
  • a competitive price;
  • Quick payback periods.

In the production of the compressors used reliable constituent parts from leading manufacturers. They provide all models of the series with stable operation under load and have increased wearability. The major internal components and constituent parts for compressors Fiac are always available in service centres. They are inexpensive, so the maintenance service of the units is not cost-intensive for the buyer.

The range of series Fiac piston models

Our customers have the opportunity to buy the piston compressor Fiac of the following versions:

  • direct driven or belt driven. They have a high performance, adapted for use under heavy load;
  • with gasoline engine. Cost-effective and reliable models, complete with manual or electric starter;
  • with vertical air tank. Ideal for use in the areas with limited space;
  • increased pressure. They have a power pressure of 16 Bar.

To buy the piston compressor Fiac, please, contact the official dealer organizations in your region. Their contacts are listed in the site's section of the same name. For more information on the Fiac compressors, please, contact our staff via the feedback form.