Oil free scroll compressors

The catalog of Remeza CJSC includes modern and reliable scroll compressors - units for air compression, which function due to the interaction of two spirals. The peculiarity of their work is that one of the spirals remains motionless, while the second one makes movements without rotation. The spirals themselves do not have points of contact, which ensures their increased wear resistance and consequently, the durability of the compressor itself.

Advantages of Scroll Compressors

  • Higher coefficient of efficiency, up to 86% or more. This is higher than the coefficient of efficiency of conventional reciprocating compressors by an average of 10-12%;
  • High operation life due to design features;
  • Work with low noise level - 62-65 dB. This is 5-7 dB below normal aggregates;
  • Absence in the design of parts to be regularly replaced - rings, valves, etc.
  • Lower weight and reduced overall dimensions to facilitate transportation and installation.

Main field of application

We offer to buy a scroll compressor suitable for operation:

  • in refrigeration industry;
  • in air conditioning, including in the domestic air conditioning;
  • in industrial heat pumps;
  • in transport refrigeration units;
  • in any technological and production processes where efficient and reliable cooling is required.

Scroll compressor series, produced by Remeza CJSC

Our company produces screw compressor units of the KS series. They have a capacity of up to 7.5 kW and a capacity of up to 3280/2800 l/min. The compressor receiver can be coated with zinc inside and outside. We also carry out the release of a tandem of compressors on one receiver. Our customers have the opportunity to buy a scroll compressor in Minsk with a membrane or refrigerated dryer.

We guarantee every customer:

  • detailed professional advice on choosing the optimal model of the scroll compressor;
  • installation, commissioning, subsequent warranty and post-warranty service.

Scroll compressors are sold by official dealers of Remeza CJSC in Germany and other countries. If you want to get advice on all matters of acquisition of compressor equipment, please contact us by phone indicated on the website. Call!