Compressors for centralized air supply of various medical institutions

This series of medical compressor equipment offers a wide range of compressors of various capacities and configurations. All of them work without the use of oil, which guarantees the absence of impurities in compressed air.

The capacity of the F series compressors can range from 2.2 to 11 kW. All models have a noise-proof housing that provides a low noise level during equipment operation.

Compressors are designed to supply certain equipment with airflow. They must compress the air and supply it into a certain system, which ensures its operation.

Medical compressors for centralized supply are used to create the airflow, which is used for the operation of specialized equipment.

Due to the oil-free principle of operation of the compressors from the company “Remeza” and the presence of special air filters, there are no impurities in the resulting flow.

Our company offers

Medical compressors from CJSC “Remeza” are widely used in both state and private clinics of various specializations. Our compressors can be connected to any type of medical equipment.

CJSC “Remeza” offers the compressors for centralized supply of KC and F series. Medical compressors operating on the basis of an oil-free system are characterized by:

  • low noise level, which is ensured by equipping these models with a soundproof body;
  • reduced vibration level with full power and performance of the equipment;
  • presence of an internal anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion coating of receiver;
  • use of scroll oil-free compressors guaranteeing the stability and safety of the equipment;
  • ability to work in automatic mode.

On the basis of compressors of the KC series, stations of the MVK type are also created, which include 2 compressors, as well as a compressed air preparation system.

Why you should buy compressor equipment from us?

  • We offer high quality equipment that meets European quality standards at the most honest price.
  • Our specialists will always be able to answer all your questions about various models and will help you choose the best option for you.
  • We provide a full range of services for the delivery and adjustment of our equipment, as well as provide full warranty and post-warranty service for our customers.