Nitrogen generators

Nitrogen Generator is a device whose functions are to obtain nitrogen from the air and concentrate it. Nitrogen Generator of adsorption type performs these tasks due to the presence of an adsorbent, which absorbs nitrogen from compressed air.

The PSA nitrogen generator eliminates the need to use high-pressure cylinders, which will save money and increase the level of safety in production. Gas purity — from 97 to 99.999%. The industrial nitrogen generator requires minimal maintenance, is resistant to corrosion and loads, as it consists of components of the Heavy Duty series from world-famous brands.

Applications of Nitrogen Generators

Due to the fact that nitrogen is used in many industries, nitrogen generators are in demand in various fields, including oil, metallurgy, food and other industries. Such equipment allows you to get pure nitrogen directly from the air with minimal financial costs. A standard nitrogen generation plant also includes an air compressor, air purification filters, its dryer, as well as containers for storing nitrogen and compressed air.

Advantages of Industrial Nitrogen Generator from company «Remeza»

  • Flexibility of settings;
  • Compact sizes;
  • Ability to ensure continuous operation;
  • Easy system settings and controls;
  • High quality equipment and its reliability;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Safety in use;
  • Low cost of service;
  • Possibility of modernization;
  • Fair price.

OAO «Remeza» has been manufacturing compressor equipment for over 30 years. In addition to nitrogen generators, in our company you can buy compressors of various types (screw, piston, oil-free, medical compressors), all of them are reliable and successfully used in a wide range of industries.

If before you buy our products, you want to get professional advice from specialists, our managers will always be able to help you.