Piston compressors Remeza series

A piston compressor is used to compress and supply air or fluid through high pressure injection. The main elements of the installation include the working cylinder, the piston itself, the receiver, as well as the injection and suction valves. Compression of liquid or gas is carried out due to the movements of the piston.

Today, the use of such equipment is not limited to the production sphere. Compressors of this type are used in auto repair shops, at service stations, as well as in medical institutions, laboratories, and also in construction.

We offer on our website a wide range of piston compressors with direct drive capacity of 20-100 liters and power of 1.5-2.2 kW. This equipment is characterized by stable operation and high level of energy efficiency.

The power of belt-driven piston equipment can vary from 1.5 to 11 kW depending on the model chosen, and the volume of such equipment can range from 50 to 500 litres. Good wearing capacity is one of the main advantages of this type of compressor.

Compressors with a vertical receiver are well suited even for small rooms. At the same time, this location of the receiver does not affect the power and productivity of compressor equipment.

This equipment is a system of two compressors. Such configuration allows for special reliability and economical operation of compressors.

Piston compressors with refrigerated dryer have all the advantages of traditional configuration equipment. In this case, the refrigerated dryer qualitatively eliminates oil and water, which can get into the system during the operation of the equipment.

Mobile compressors are equipped with four wheels. This makes it easy to move even the largest installations.

Features of air compressors from Remeza CJSC

The products of our company have a number of advantages that make it stand out from the competitors.

  • In order to ensure high efficiency and durability of our equipment (over 7 years), we have simplified its design, which reduces the risk of malfunctions.
  • Due to this, the cost of servicing our compressors, as well as the cost of using them, is minimized.
  • Our compressors can operate in almost any conditions. They are resistant to external factors and high temperatures.

Compressors in Remeza series

We offer you to buy Remeza piston compressor of one of the types presented in the line:

  • piston compressor with direct drive, which provides good energy efficiency of this equipment and also significantly reduces the risk of breakage.
  • piston compressor with belt-drive. Such compressors are suitable for operation in difficult conditions and they are characterized by excellent wear resistance and increased resource.
  • piston compressor with upright receiver. This design allows the use of equipment even in rooms of a small area with limited free space.
  • piston compressor with refrigerant dryer. The refrigerated dryer effectively removes water and oil, entering the system.
  • piston compressor of tandem type. Such a system consisting of two connected compressors is notable for its special reliability and efficiency. This is due to the smaller number of start and stop cycles compared to traditional equipment.
  • piston compressor of mobile type. Thanks to the four wheels, you can move the unit almost effortlessly.

The reasons why you should choose our equipment

We are confident in the quality of our products, so we provide a guarantee. We offer a full service and post-warranty service. We value your time and always fulfill our obligations on time.

You can purchase our compressors in Germany, as well as in other countries through our representatives.