Condensate separators

In our catalog you can choose and buy the cyclone separator - a device for eliminating residual moisture content and oil vapor from the compressed air generated by the compressor units.

The design of the separator is provided with special blades that give the air masses vortex type motion. Due to this, centrifugal force arises, under the influence of which the moisture gravitates to the bottom of the separator devices. Subsequently, the moisture is removed by means of hot-wells.

The cyclone separator: the areas of use

Separators of this type are applied in compressor systems and installations that are used:

  • at the pharmaceutical enterprises;
  • In the food industry;
  • at the enterprises producing electronics and other high-technology products;
  • in engineering, oil and gas industry;
  • in the chemical industry.

The cyclone type separator: The main advantages

  • Durable and wear-resistant housing from reliable, impact materials - stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Improving the efficiency of compressor units.
  • Removing up to 99% of the water and oil particles contained in the compressed air.
  • The cyclone separator does not require service maintenance.
  • Economical cost, beneficial and fast payback application.
  • A large selection of modifications and series, depending on the performance and the scope of use.

The variety cyclone separators

The following cyclone type separators are presented in the catalog of the CJSC "Remeza":

  • in the aluminum housing for 16 and 20 Bar. These include the models of the CKL series (B and C), intended for use in the systems for generation of compressed air of varying performance;
  • In a steel housing for 400 Bar. The separators of industrial CKL-CHP series, for operation in different spheres;
  • The welded cyclone separators of CS / CS SS series. They may be made of stainless steel and be equipped with reliable condensation drainage devices.

We also offer separators in aluminum housing for 50 Bar. This is wear-resistant and durable devices for use in engineering, chemical industry and other industries.

How to select the cyclone type separator?

Be sure to check with your manager:

  • the series of the model and the material for its drop housing;
  • the performance and the maximum operating pressure;
  • temperature range of operation;
  • the recommended scope of application.

The specialists of the CJSC "Remeza" will help you to choose and buy the cyclone separator in Germany, at competitive prices of the manufacturer. To place an order, contact the dealer of the CJSC "Remeza" in your region. To get detailed advice on the choice, call the company's employees. Contact us, we will give answers to all questions!