Boosters Remeza series

The catalog of CJSC Remeza includes reliable and productive booster compressors, which are also called boosters. This is special compressor equipment designed to increase the discharge pressure in various parts of the production pneumatic line. This increases its overall efficiency and the performance of the other involved compressors.

Booster piston compressor: main advantages

  • Equipped with reliable piston units with a long service life.
  • Control of the inlet pressure level, which ensures a more stable operation of the pneumatic line.
  • Possibility of equipping with vibratory bearings, significantly reducing the level of vibration.
  • Presence of a special fence that prevents the contact of workers with rotating components of the installation.
  • Existence of the safety valve limiting outlet pressure level.
  • High performance - up to 5 thousand l / min or more, depending on the modification.

Field of boosters application

Basically booster compressor is used in conjunction with screw units in the production of plastic containers of various volumes. There is always a need for high-quality compressed air at the enterprises for its production. In addition, booster units allow you to check the tightness of tanks and vessels operated under pressure.

In addition, booster compressors are used:

  • in the production of plastic pipelines;
  • at the enterprises of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry;
  • in machine building and instrument making industry.

The principle of operation of the booster compressor unit is as follows. Initially, the air is compressed by screw compressors to a pressure of 5-10 bar. Then more powerful piston type booster devices get involved, which increase the pressure level up to 25-40 Bar.

Sale of booster compressors from a trusted manufacturer from the Republic of Belarus

You have the opportunity to buy a booster compressor, manufactured by CJSC Remeza - the leading manufacturer of compressor units in the CIS. We sell models of different performance. Official factory warranty, professional advice and assistance in choosing. The sale of booster compressors is carried out through our official dealers - their contact information is indicated in the appropriate section of our website.

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