Air desiccant dryers

RED Heat-free regeneration system, energy management system, pneumatic control, adsorption voltage, pressure of 16 bar — all these are adsorption air dryers. The standard silencer prevents the noise level from rising above 78 decibels. High-quality components ensure low pressure and air flow losses.

Ensure continuous, reliable operation. The stable dew point is −40 degrees Celsius. It provides high-quality water vapor removal, therefore it is recommended for use in industrial and commercial warehouses, in workshops and utility rooms. Creates a working pressure of 4 to 11 bar.

By using the parallel generation phase, the dew point stability is achieved. The work is automated. The dryer is safe, as it is equipped with a system of accelerated pre-start testing, alarm emergency identification, and thermal insulation. The maximum capacity is 13550 m3/h.

The hot regeneration adsorption dryer is equipped with a visualizer and dew point control. There is no loss of compressed air, all work is automated. ZAO “Remeza” offers a wide range of models with different characteristics for all operating conditions. Withstands heating up to 380 degrees.

Slovenia production dryers are characterized by high capacity up to 16 bar. The system of two columns with adsorbent significantly reduces the condensation point. The separation of water vapor from compressed air is continuous. Ideal option for granaries and workshops.

Heat-free regeneration system, energy management system, pneumatic control, adsorption voltage, pressure 16 bar — all these are adsorption air dryers. A standard muffler does not allow the noise level to rise above 78 decibels. High-quality components ensure low pressure losses and air flow.

REDC Compact and stylish adsorption-type dryer from ZAO “Remeza”. Prevents the formation of condensation, reducing the dew point down to −70 degrees Celsius. The working pressure of 4-16 bar guarantees high productive capacity. Fast and convenient service for maintenance of the dryer is guaranteed.

Adsorption air dryers are special devices for air drying in industrial, warehouse and other premises. Thanks to these units, they maintain an optimum level of humidity. In addition, there are no condensate on the surfaces of pipes, pumps and other equipment in the factory workshops of dehumidifiers.

Compressed Air Adsorption Dryer: Applications and Key Benefits

These units are used:

  • in shops and back rooms of industrial enterprises;
  • in industrial and commercial warehouses;
  • at compressor stations;
  • on zernosushilny complexes.

The main advantages of this equipment are:

  • high reliability;
  • high throughput;
  • low dew point under pressure (-40 ºС);
  • low airflow and pressure drop;
  • compact dimensions;
  • low pressure and air flow losses;
  • economical power consumption;
  • ease of maintenance.

The service life of the adsorbent is in the range from 2 to 4 thousand regeneration cycles. Its moisture absorption ability is influenced by the wear of the granulated surface, its contamination by oil aerosols. In modern dehumidifiers, the average regeneration loss does not exceed 2%.

Adsorption compressed air dryers manufactured by Remeza

Our company produces the following series of air dryers:

  • REDC. A series of compact units with a maximum throughput of 200 Nm3 / h. They have a modern, ergonomic design and efficient work.
  • Cold cycle adsorption models of the RED series. Produced using high quality components, have high performance.
  • RMWE series hot-cycle units. The principle of adsorption drying of this series is based on the presence in the design of electric heaters used for the regeneration of the sorbent.
  • Hot air driers with blowers (RDB series). The operation of these models is fully automated, and the loss of compressed air for regeneration is zero.
  • Adsorption dryers series RED-R. In this series, models are available with hot regeneration, providing continuous steam removal.
  • RED-HP series units. The series is represented by high pressure models with hot regeneration.

To choose the right adsorption dryer you need to know the exact performance of the compressor. It is also necessary to take into account its capacity, inlet pressure and other performance characteristics. Employees of Remeza will provide you with advice on the choice and help you choose the unit in accordance with your needs.

To buy an adsorption compressed air dryer, contact the representatives of the dealer organizations of Remeza in your area. Consultants will orient you at the cost of equipment, will tell about the delivery to Germany and other countries. We guarantee reasonable prices, professional service and a wide range of models of different performance!