Oil water separators

When air is compressed, condensation is inevitable. It consists mainly of water, but it may contain particles of dirt and oil. If installed compressors use oil in their work, its particles will in any case fall into condensate. The result will be oily water, the characteristics of which do not meet the established environmental standards. Accordingly, such condensate should not be allowed to enter the wastewater.

In order to clean the water from the oil entering it from the compressed air systems and thereby protect the environment from ingress of harmful compounds, water-oil separators are used.

Separators find their application in a variety of industries:

  • in mechanical engineering;
  • in the production of electrical goods;
  • in the food industry;
  • in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

And this is not a complete list of the sectors and industries in which water-oil separators are used.

In addition to separators, for the purification of air from dust, dirt, oil and water vapor, CJSC “Remeza” offers compressed air filters. Such filters are especially relevant when using reciprocating compressors. In addition to the cleaning elements, various systems are used in the production of compressed air, which allow it to be dried.

Advantages of water-oil separators “Remeza”

Water-oil separators of company “Remeza” have a number of distinctive advantages, among which it is necessary to highlight:

  • easy installation;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • compact size;
  • compatibility with any type of equipment and oil;
  • no need to use a condensate tank.

Why our customers choose us

  • CJSC “Remeza” provides only high-quality and reliable equipment and components that fully comply with all the highest quality standards.
  • Our specialists have a deep understanding of the specifics of compressor equipment and the features of its use, so they can advise you on all the necessary issues.
  • We appreciate our customers; that is why we offer you only the most favorable terms of cooperation.