Air refrigerated dryers

The Refrigerated dryer is a unit for drying compressed air, used by compressors. Due to the dryer, the excess moisture is condensed from the air masses and then removed.

The use of a refrigerated dryer increases the service life of compressor equipment. Condensate, which is inevitably formed during the air compression, causes corrosion and even deterioration of expensive compressors. The dryer solves this problem and minimizes the content of vaporous moisture in the air.

Principle of refrigerated air dryers operation

The dryer includes 2 circuits. Coolant circulates in one circuit and dried air circulates in another circuit. A productive and fault-tolerant compressor provides continuous circulation of the cooling agent.

The drying process itself takes place in heat exchangers - copper tubes and stainless steel plates usually perform their functions. Vaporous moisture condenses and drains under the influence of the cooling agent. After this, compressed air becomes suitable for consumption by sensitive compressor equipment and pneumatic tools - construction, medical, etc. Note that REMEZA air dryers are recommended to be used together with REMEZA filters.

Refrigerated compressed air dryer is used:

  • on production lines of enterprises in the chemical and food industries, where there is a need for compressed air with a minimum content of water vapor;
  • in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • in premises where pneumatic type pipelines are installed.

The advantages of refrigerated dryers of Remeza CJSC

  • Dew point is at a constantly stable level (+ 3-5 °C).
  • Control panel with simple, clear and visual operating parameters.
  • Reliability and simplicity in operation. We use components from leading brands in the production of dryers that guarantees fault withstandability and long service life of the units.
  • Easy and fast installation in any industrial enterprise.
  • Electronic condensate drain. Also the control of its level is provided.
  • Wear-resistant stainless steel body that protects the device from mechanical effects.
  • Economical power consumption.
  • Wide range of performance - from 20 to 5040 m3/h, depending on the model.

Offered series of Dryers:

  • RFD. Compact, but productive units, which are easy to install and maintain.
  • RFDx. They are also manufactured in a compact design. They are equipped with stainless steel heat exchanger and performance regulator.
  • RFDc. The dew point is reached at + 5 °C in devices of this series. They are recommended for industrial use.
  • RFDa. Industrial models of increased productivity. They are characterized by the increased reliability and stability of work.

Consultants of the company will help you with the choice of a dryer of a suitable series and productivity. Contact us by phone or e-mail and we will recommend a model with optimal characteristics specifically for your company!

Buy a refrigerated air dryer at factory prices

REMEZA CJSC is one of the largest manufacturers of dryers in the CIS. You will find several modifications of this equipment in our catalog with a detailed description of the technical characteristics. The prices for the REMEZA refrigerator type dryer are lower than for the imported units. At the same time, the reliability and functionality of domestic dryers comply with the most stringent international standards.

Contact the authorized dealer of the company in your region to buy refrigerated air dryer in Germany. Contact information of dealer organizations is indicated in a separate section on the web-site. We are also ready to provide you with information on the delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment, as well as to give answers to other questions. Call us! We are always glad to see our customers!