Compressors for electric trains

The auxiliary compressor of the electric train with an electric drive capacity of 5.5 kW creates a minimum noise level of no more than 78 decibels. It is characterized by a high level of safety, as it can withstand −55+55 degrees Celsius. ZAO “Remeza” offers to choose the necessary dimensions at an attractive price and guarantees good air purification.

The electric train compressor is intended for use in the brake lines of metro trains and electric trains. The compressors offered by our company are suitable for installation in pneumatic networks of electric trains of various models, regardless of their year of manufacture.

The capabilities of our company allow us to produce compressors with different capacities (300 and 650 l / min), various working pressures (6-10 bar), as well as other different technical characteristics. Thanks to this, you can buy the equipment that can be used as an auxiliary compressor for an electric train.

Features of our compressor equipment

  • Reduced noise level at all capacities;
  • Good operation in almost all weather conditions (from −40 to +40° and even higher);
  • Low oil consumption;
  • Good air purification, which is compressed by the compressor;
  • Possibility to order aggregates of different sizes;
  • Attractive prices.

When choosing compressor equipment for electric vehicles, it is important to consider its working pressure, as well as the power that is needed to heat the oil.

Cooperation with the company “Remeza”

In addition to special compressors, including units for trolleybuses, trams and electric trains, company “Remeza” offers a wide range of piston and screw compressors that are widely used in various fields.

All our equipment is highly reliable, easy to maintain and has a long service life. If you want to get more information about our units or are ready to place an order for the purchase of compressors from the manufacturer, please contact us at the phone numbers listed on the site, our managers will always be ready to help you.