Special compressors

Remeza CJSC designs and manufactures special compressors of various capacities for operation on the brake line of electric trains and in the pneumatic networks of city electric transport. These are durable and compact air compressor units that meet the most stringent electrical safety parameters. They are powered from three-phase power supply network with an alternating-current of 380 V.

Varieties of special compressors and their scope

You can order the following types of special compressor equipment in our company:

  • compressors for trolley buses. They are available in three series, differ in power of the electric drive, installed in the pneumatic network of urban trolley buses and trams. Productivity is from 350 l/min;
  • compressors for electric trains. The main purpose is operation in pneumatic brake lines of electric trains (including the subway) of various years of production. Maximum working pressure is 10 Bar.

An important feature is that both types of compressors are adapted for use at ambient temperatures from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius and above.

Advantages of special compressors

  • Moderate noise level even when operating at maximum power - no more than 78 dB.
  • Possibility of manufacturing both for operation on electric transport and in stationary version for industrial production.
  • Release in several overall-connecting dimensions, taking into account the specifics of electric transport, on which installation is planned.
  • Resistance to voltage fluctuations in the three-phase supply network, high electrical safety parameters.
  • Rotary compressors for electric trains have low oil consumption - no more than 5 mg/m3.
  • High quality compressed air with low residual content of oil fractions.
  • Competitive price, which are more profitable than on imported products.

How to choose and buy a special compressor?

When choosing a screw compressor for trolley buses it is necessary to specify the series of the unit and the level of its volumetric performance. Such level of its volumetric performance depends on the technical characteristics of the pneumatic network in which it will be operated. Also the power of the electric drive of the selected model is important.

When buying a compressor for an electric train, it is necessary to pay attention to the power consumption required to heat the oil, as well as the maximum operating pressure of the unit.

Sale of special compressors at factory prices

CJSC Remeza offers compressors for various types of electric transport at competitive prices. The sale of the units is carried out by our official dealers, represented in many countries, including Germany.

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