The CJSC "Remeza" produces reliable aftercoolers of European quality with water and air cooling. These units are used in air treatment systems to decrease their temperature and for fine adjustment of the gas dew-point. Thanks to them, the performance of systems increases, the natural wear and tear rates of their core components and elements are reduced.

Aftercoolers Remeza: the areas of use

The equipment offered by our company, is used in the following areas:

  • at the enterprises of the engineering industry;
  • in the production of high-precision instruments - measurement, control, etc.;
  • in the manufacture of construction equipment;
  • in the production of plastics, paint and varnish products;
  • when servicing special-purpose machinery, various pneumatic units.

The main varieties

Our catalog presents productive aftercoolers with water and air cooling.

  • The water-cooled models are operated with cold dryers, the adsorption-type dryers and other equipment. For cooling is used water, passing around special pipes through which the compressed air is supplied.
  • The air-cooled units are provided with axial fans, which pump air into the heat exchanger with tubes of copper. Due to this, the compressed air becomes colder than the environment at about 10 degrees Celsius.

Regardless of the type of cooling, aftercoolers are adapted to work under heavy load.

What parameters to pay attention to when choosing?

First of all - the performance. It varies in the range of 66 Nm3/h up to 4500 Nm3/h and is calculated taking into account the specific characteristics of the air treatment system, in which the aftercooler is operated. Also when choosing the unit, the following performance specifications should be taken into account:

  • temperature range of the device operation;
  • the maximum air entering temperature;
  • weight and dimensions.

The employees of the CJSC "Remeza" will provide advice on issues of concern to you and will recommend the best suitable model of the required performance for the operation at an enterprise of any industry. We offer to buy the aftercoolers in Germany with official warranty, with subsequent service maintenance. You can make an order for the equipment from company dealers in Germany and outside the country. We invite you to cooperation!