Air tanks

ZAO "Remeza" offers the receivers (air collectors) of various volumes: from 270 to 900 liters. Depending on the selected model, the air receiver can have a maximum allowable compressed air pressure from 10 to 16 bar. The vertical arrangement of the frame allows you to place even quite large receivers in rooms with limited free space

Air receiver is a container, the purpose of which is to accumulate compressed air in a pneumatic system.

Purpose of air receivers

The main functions of the receiver-air collectors:

  • provision of storage of compressed air and reduction of its temperature in the compressor unit system;
  • stabilization of pressure in the system;
  • rationalization of compressor operation;
  • increase the efficiency of the compressor by reducing the number of starts of its engine;
  • elimination of pulsations of air flow during operation of the system;
  • preventing condensate from entering the system.

How to choose the right industrial receiver for the compressor? It is important to pay attention to the volume of the receiver and the maximum allowable pressure of compressed air. When choosing a receiver, it is necessary to take into account the compressor capacity. The larger the number, the greater should be the volume of air tank.

The receivers are installed in compressor systems with compressors of various types, including screw and reciprocating compressors. Therefore, receivers are in demand at enterprises of chemical, construction, food industries, medicine, repair shops and service stations.

Advantages of air receivers from the company «Remeza»

The company «Remeza» offers receivers of vertical type, which, due to their compact size and ease of placement in various production facilities, are in high demand.

The assortment of the company includes receivers of various volumes, including the purchase of a large air receiver of 500 liters, which is suitable for the most powerful compressors.

Company «Remeza» is one of the leading manufacturers of compressor equipment on the European market. We guarantee fair prices, high quality and reliability of the equipment and can provide a complete service of the purchased units.