Control system

Compressor Control Systems from the company “Remeza” allow to rationalize operating costs, increase the efficiency of compressors, and also ensure the reliability of their operation.

Compressor control systems are programmable controllers that allow you to create a network of 2 to 24 compressors and adjust the pressure at any point in the pneumatic network. All information is available in real time over the Internet. You get the opportunity not only to control processes but also to remotely control them.

Applications of Compressor Control Systems

Given the widespread use of compressors by enterprises of various types in a large number of industries, control systems are in great demand. They are installed at enterprises working in areas such as chemical, mining, metallurgical, construction and other industries.

Advantages and features of Compressor Control Systems from company “Remeza”

  • Easy to work with the system;
  • The ability to control the simultaneous operation of a large number of screw compressors;
  • Ability to connect additional equipment to the system;
  • Reliability of operation;
  • Accuracy of pressure maintenance at all points of the system;
  • Ability to configure restarting after a power outage;
  • Monitoring and regulation of energy consumption;
  • Possibility of remote control.

Want to buy a reliable and functional Compressor Control System? Company “Remeza” has been operating in the compressor equipment market for over 30 years and during these years has been able to become one of the leading enterprises in this field in Eastern Europe. All our products have an official warranty.

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