Oil free compressors

Oil-free compressor, in contrast to the oil-lubricated one, provides compressed air of a very high purity. It contains no sand and solid particles of dirt, dust and oil vapor. Thanks to this particularity the air compressor can be used for the supply with compressed air the most sensitive and high-tech equipment - medical, industrial, and so on.

Variants of oil free compressors from CJSC "Remeza"

Our company carries out the release of air compressors, oil free screw compressor as well as piston and scroll type. We also produce low noise models with TWIN Cylinder pumps.

Low pressure oil free air compressors are intended for operation on production of bulk materials, including food and pharmaceutical products. They are mounted on its own frame and offer high performance (up to 1000 m 3 /h), produce compressed air of perfect purity.

Professional piston units of the industrial series are installed on the chemical, food and other enterprises. Their performance reaches up to 1620 l/min, the power up to 11 kW. These models are easy to maintain, have a long drive life.

Special low noise compressors are equipped with TWIN Cylinder pumps and operate with minimal noise. They produce the compressed air of the highest quality and are manufactured in a compact housing. The maximum performance of the low noise units - up to 400 l/min.

You can also buy oil-free scroll compressors. This is a modern and fault-tolerant compressor equipment, mainly used in refrigerating plants.

You can purchase the units of the type you need in volume from the official manufacturer's dealers - CJSC "Remeza". Their contacts are specified in this site's section "Dealers". The price of the oil free compressor depends on its performance and basic operating parameters.

Oil free compressors Remeza: the advantages in operation

  • A moderate noise level during operation. On average, it is in the range of 65-70 dB.
  • Long service life - from 5 years and more, depending on the conditions.
  • Ease of maintenance due to the absence in design of assembly components and elements that require lubrication.
  • A low vibration level.

We offer to buy an oil free compressor in Germany. We are ready to answer the questions and provide advice, to tell you about the delivery to other cities. E-mail via the feedback form.