Air filters

Remeza manufactures filters for cleaning compressed air for various industries. These components are used to remove water and oil vapors, dust, and other contaminants that impair its quality from air.

Compressed air filters are especially needed when operating reciprocating compressors. In the air produced by them, the residual content of undesirable fractions is significantly higher than in the air masses produced by screw compressors. Due to poor air quality, modern pneumatic tools and equipment may begin to fail. And this inevitably leads to a reduction in their operational life and productivity.

Filter applications for cleaning compressed air

Cleaning filters are installed on the compressor equipment used:

  • the use of the manufacture of polymeric (plastic) products;
  • in oil refining and gas production;
  • in the pharmaceutical and food industries;
  • in petrochemistry;
  • at enterprises producing electronic and medical equipment;
  • in the paint industry;
  • in the automotive industry.

Advantages of REMEZA compressed air filters

Components of CJSC Remeza:

  • manufactured using advanced technologies, using consumables from reliable and proven suppliers;
  • designed for installation on compressors of various modifications and performance;
  • provide effective removal of hydrocarbons, oils, odors, vapors and other undesirable impurities.

The main series of filters produced by Remeza

In the catalog on the website you can choose and buy a compressed air filter of the following series:

  • R. Models in the aluminum case on 16 Bar. Remove solids, oil and water vapor, etc. Ultimate performance - up to 2760 Nm3 / h.
  • CF. Also made in an aluminum casing, pressure - 20 Bar.
  • BF.. Produced in a welded steel casing, capacity - up to 31,400 Nm3 / h.
  • HF. Special series of high pressure filters. Available in a molded case, designed for 50 Bar.
  • CHP. Unlike the previous series, are made in the steel case. Operating pressure - 100, 250 and 400 bar.
  • IHP. Components in stainless steel with a working pressure up to 400 bar.
  • PF. A series of process filters for stainless steel compressed air. Designed for installation in systems with a high risk of corrosion.
  • SPF. Sterile models with a working pressure of 16 bar.

When choosing a high-pressure filter, be sure to check with the consultants their series and performance, as well as the working pressure directly. For more information about the nuances of choice, you can get it from the employees of our company.

To buy a compressed air filter, contact your Remez dealer in Germany or another country. Our products have passed long trials, it has proven itself in various industries. Filters are sold at competitive prices, have a large operational resource. Contact the dealer companies and leave orders right now!