Oil free piston compressors

There are no oil lubricated components in the design of oil-free piston compressors. Due to this fact they produce high-purity compressed air without oil vapor. It is necessary for the stable operation of the most modern and sensitive pneumatic equipment - construction, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, etc.

Such oil-free compressor is suitable for the non-industrial sphere, as it creates a minimum noise level with a capacity of 200-1000 l / min and a receiver of 20-150 liters. The compact and neat compressor moves easily due to its small size and light weight. It emits clean air without particulate matter and oil.

Oil-free air compressors are available with a membrane-type dryer, soundproof housing and two pump assemblies on the same receiver. It has a good appearance and does not attract attention. Lightweight and small in size, maximum 110 kg and 1190 × 500 × 880 mm. Noise level does not exceed 79 decibels.

Oil-free Japanese-made air compressors guarantee the highest degree of air purification. Resistant to high temperatures, wear. Company “Remeza” presents a wide selection of models for various purposes and operating conditions.

Oil-free piston air compressor: main advantages

  • Absence of fine solid particles, water vapor and other contaminants in the compressible air.
  • Improved filtration system, additionally enhancing compressed air quality.
  • Designed in a reliable but compact body frame.
  • Work with low noise.
  • Operation life till maintenance overhaul is up to 10 thousand hours.
  • Wide range of performance - from 135 to 1620 l/min, depending on the specific modification.
  • Low maintenance and maintenance costs.
  • Completed with reinforced vibratory bearings, providing the possibility of height adjustment.
  • Increased reliability and period of service of the construction.
  • Competitive price. It is possible to buy Remeza oil-free piston compressor at a more favorable price than units of foreign brands with similar performance characteristics.

Range of oil-free piston compressors on our website

Remeza CJSC produces the following series of oil-free piston-type units:

  • low noise models equipped with TWIN Cylinder pumps. Maximum productivity - 1 thousand l/min. Distinctive feature is a low noise level even when operating at maximum power. This allows to use them in non-industrial premises, namely in hospital wards and treatment rooms, in administrative buildings, etc;
  • Oil-free piston compressors of Fiac series. They are available in several versions - with soundproof body frame, with membrane dryer, etc. They are characterized by stable performance, aesthetic appearance and high reliability;
  • Units of industrial series. Professional models equipped with Japanese compressor units. They are intended for operation on the productions experiencing need for air of the highest extent of cleaning without residual content of oils.

Sale of piston oil-free compressors in Germany

Consultants of Remeza CJSC will help you to choose an oil-free compressor of optimum power and performance for use in any modern production. Our official dealers are engaged in the sale of units in Germany and other countries - their contact information is indicated in the same section of our website. We guarantee every customer:

  • careful pre-sale preparation of models;
  • provision of a long factory warranty;
  • favorable prices from the manufacturer;
  • subsequent qualified maintenance of oil-free equipment of any series and year of manufacture.

Do you want to buy an oil-free piston compressor that will work for many years? Then contact the dealer in your region right now. We will be glad to see you as our client!