Portable compressors with diesel engines

The Portable compressor with diesel engine is a special kind of compressor, indispensable in the construction and erection works. They are used to supply compressed air to pneumatic tools in the «field» environment, to purge gas pipelines, for the performance of production operations in the oil and gas industry and so on.

This mobile equipment has one or two multi-stage compressors, an air tank, a diesel-engine drive, as well as additional equipment.

The advantages of mobile compressor stations

The portable compressors with diesel engines favorably differ from their stationary counterparts. They have the following advantages:

  • Mobility — the equipment is easily moved to the right place.
  • Multifunctionality — mobile stations can be used in different spheres of industry and construction.
  • Automatic operation, requiring minimum intervention of the staff.
  • The autonomy — the mobile diesel station operates in the absence of current, which is very important when operating in places where there is no electricity.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a mobile diesel compressor station

  • The running time. The mobile screw compressor stations provide a longer and constant supply of compressed air than the piston ones.
  • The power. More powerful units allow the simultaneous supply of compressed air to several industrial tools.
  • The volume of the air tank.
  • The power pressure.

The best thing is to make a choice among the models, represented in the line of well-known brands. This will allow you not only to be confident in the quality of the equipment, but also eliminate the problems with service maintenance and searching for spare parts.

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