Portable compressors with MMZ diesel engine (Belarus)

The mobile compressor stations - air compressor units with diesel drive type, mounted on the moving wheeled chassis or on a metal frame. This equipment is widely used at construction sites and in various accident eliminations during drilling, repair and general construction works.

Mobile diesel station with a fuel tank capacity of 170 liters. Withstands temperatures of −35 + 40 degrees Celsius. Equipped with an adjustable drawbar, as well as a chassis or frames driven by a diesel engine. It allows you to quickly eliminate accidents at construction sites and repair work.

They are characterized by high mobility due to the chassis or frame driven by a diesel engine. They create a pressure of 7 to 10 bar. Small dimensions make the portable compressor compact and convenient for transportation. The volume of the fuel tank is 120 liters. Suitable for all types of construction and repair work.

Remeza mobile compressor stations and their advantages

The CJSC "Remeza" offers to buy a mobile screw compressor with Belarusian diesel engine MMZ with a capacity of 77 or 100 kw. This engine is reliable and simple, cheap to repair - the constituent parts for it are always available in the official service centers. The engines are also characterized by large maintenance intervals, high operational lifetime (more than 15 thousand hours).

The devices of both versions are distinguished by high reliability and stability of work, resistant to overload. In the manufacture of the compressors are used only high quality components including the air ends from Italy and Germany. Their additional advantages are:

  • versatility - from construction to extraction of minerals and mining works;
  • the possibility of a full-fledged operation both in summer and in winter (the allowable temperature conditions of use - from -35°C to +40°C).
  • high performance - up to 12 m3/min;
  • the low vibration and noise level during the work;
  • equipment with a balanced raising leg;
  • the stability of functioning of the devices in the heavy concentration of dust, other severe conditions;
  • the low financial and time expenditures for maintenance;
  • long service life, long service intervals;
  • the competitive price.

Recommendations for choosing of the mobile compressor stations

  • Be sure to take into account the performance level of the specific model, as well as the number of available posts.
  • Check the options arrangement - on the chassis or on the frame. The stations on the chassis are more convenient for transportation to the object, where the works are carried out.
  • Tell the consultancy manager about the supposed area of use - in this case, he will recommend you the most suitable modification.

The sale of the mobile compressors manufactured by the CJSC "Remeza" is performed by the official dealers of the company in different countries. To contact their representatives in your region you can by the telephone numbers from the section "Dealers", provided on the site. The employees of the dealer company will answer any questions you may have, will help you to choose the most appropriate model in terms of performance and other parameters.