Medical compressors

Remeza manufactures medical compressors that provide the production of compressed air of the highest degree of purification. Fine particles, oil and water vapors are completely absent in them, therefore the most modern medical equipment can be supplied with this air. Our company produces more than 20 models of oil-free compressor units with a capacity from 100 to 500 l / min.

Characteristics and design features of the air compressor medical

The medical compressed air compressor is manufactured without the use of oil-filled elements. Its internal components also do not need lubrication, so that oil microparticles do not get into the compressed air. Receivers of the compressor medical provide an internal polymeric covering and are not subject to corrosion. Oil-free models can be produced in a noise-insulating package, providing noise reduction when operating up to 65-57 dB.

Key Benefits and Applications

Compared with the conventional, medical compressor has a smaller weight and more compact dimensions. It can be installed directly in the rooms where patients are received and medical procedures are performed. Also, the medical series models are different:

  • mobility. Due to the relatively small mass (from 35 kg) it can be quickly moved from place to place;
  • aesthetic appearance. The case of a medical compressed air compressor is painted white and blends harmoniously into the room of a procedural or laboratory;
  • high performance (up to 500 l / min) at low power (from 0.8 kW);
  • convenience in service. In a medical air compressor there is no need to change the oil;
  • low noise and vibration.

Due to the production of compressed air of ideal quality, the medical compressor is widely used in dentistry and pulmonology. It can also be a source of gas mixtures for the most modern laboratory equipment, production lines at the enterprises of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Offered assortment

The catalog of our company includes:

  • compressors medical series KM. Designed to supply the most modern dental, anesthetic and respiratory and other equipment with compressed air. Differ in the compact sizes, reliability and low noise level during the work;
  • compressors for centralized supply of compressed air in medical institutions. Available in two series - KS and F. They are diverse in performance, can be equipped with a membrane or refrigerant type desiccant;
  • ERM compressor station for centralized compressed air supply to medical facilities. It is assembled on the basis of VK or KS compressor type, it has high power and stable operation under loads.

When choosing a medical compressor, specify:

  • its functional purpose (for operation with dental, anesthetic and respiratory equipment, etc.);
  • performance level;
  • dew point temperature;
  • compressed air filtration degree.

Medical compressors with an official guarantee

Remeza manufactures medical compressors with and without dehumidifiers for use in medical institutions and in manufacturing. Large selection of models of different performance, factory warranty. You can buy a compressor of the modification you need from the official dealers of Remeza - their contact information is listed in the Dealers section of this site.

If necessary, our experts will help you with the choice and recommend the best-in-capacity air compressor medical. To do this, contact us at one of the phones listed on the site. Call!