Piston compressors

A piston compressor or a reciprocating compressor is an installation that has a supply and compression system for air based on a piston. This type of compressor is used today not only in production, but also in industry and everyday life.

Piston-type compressor has the function of compressing under pressure not only air, but also various solutions. The main components of the compressor performance are: acting cylinder, piston, suction and discharge valves.

Due to technical characteristics, the use of reciprocating air compressors is carried out in various fields of human activity, at service stations and in repair shops, in the chemical and construction industries, in medicine and the food industry.

Benefits of reciprocating compressors

There are several advantages in the operation of a piston compressor:

  • Absolutely all reciprocating compressors have a low initial cost of use and a significantly low cost of service;
  • The design of the device is not complicated;
  • The term of operation is counted from 7 years;
  • The ability to use in difficult conditions, for example, the influence of environmental factors, dust production, high temperature.

As usual, the piston air compressor is designed to supply and compress air that is under pressure. A piston is used in the cylinder structure, performing reciprocating movements during operation, thereby realizing the main function of the compressor.

Types of piston compressors

Specialists distinguish the following types of air piston compressors:

  • Single or double action - depends on the number of compression cycles performed for one reciprocating movement of the piston;
  • Oil and oil-free: used in an environment where the necessary condition is the supply of clean air, in this type of compressor, unlike oil, air and oil liquid are separate. In turn, piston oil compressors have a large stock and are widely used in the furniture and automotive industries;
  • According to the location of the cylinders: horizontal, vertical, angular;
  • Multistage and single-stage, by the number of stages - usually, air compressors have a maximum of 7 stages.

To date, the Belarusian market has in abundance not only a variety of models of air compressors, but it also presents a large number of manufacturing companies.

What should I look for when buying a piston compressor?

The most important parameters of a compressor are its productivity and maximum pressure, which should be no less than that of air consumers, often these factors are decisive for the purchase. Also an important condition for the purchase of a compressor is its resource. For example, a belt-driven compressor, by virtue of its design, has an increased resource and efficiency.

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