Compressors serie

There are oil-free piston compressors that have a noise-proof housing and a polymer-coated receiver. This coating prevents corrosion and ensures the purity of compressed air.

This series presents equipment that can be used as a dental compressor or a compressor for laboratory equipment. These installations are characterized by good operation and low noise level during operation.

Medical compressors are a special type of equipment installed in medical facilities and departments for various purposes, including surgery and emergency departments, dental rooms, etc.

An important requirement for this type of equipment is the purity of the supplied compressed air and the level of noise during operation. These requirements justify the need to use reciprocating oil-free compressors, which at the moment do not have adequate alternatives.

Equally important aspect in the operation of such compressors is timely disposal of the condensate which is formed as a result of air compression. That is why the necessary element, which is installed in place of air exit from the unit is a dryer.

Medical compressors that our company offers

Here you can order compressors for the supply of compressed air necessary for the operation of various dental, laboratory and other medical equipment and instruments, as well as artificial lung ventilation and anaesthesia-respiratory apparatus. In addition, our catalog includes medical compressors for centralized supply.

Reciprocating oil-free compressors, which compress the air, being used for the operation of medical equipment, are equipped with a receiver with a polymer coating. Such coating prevents corrosion formation and thereby prevents contamination of the compressed air by various extraneous elements.

In addition, such models have the soundproofing housing, which is particularly important for surgery and emergency departments.

Medical compressors from the company «Remeza»: Features and Advantages

We offer a truly reliable compressor equipment that has the following characteristics:

  • high productivity;
  • rational capacity and energy consumption;
  • high quality cleaning of compressed air;
  • low noise level;
  • easy maintenance;
  • longevity.

Why do customers choose compressor equipment from the company " Remeza"?

Our company pays special attention to the quality of the produced equipment and its compliance with the highest international standards.