Serie WOSm

WOSm1_2.pngWOSm water oil separators have been developed to separate lubricant oil from condensate generated in compressed air systems. Due to patented technology regular service can be done in 30 seconds without any cleaning. Separation begins in “cyclonic depressurization chamber” and continues in “filter cartridge”. When the “filter cartridge” is fully saturated you just simply unscrew complete cartridge andreplace it with new one. All the condensate stays in old cartridge whichcan also be sealed with plastic cover and disposed according to local directives and laws.


operating temp. range       
1,5 to 45 °C
inlet connection ᶲ8 mm
DibT number Z-83.5-31


• compressed air systems
• suitable for installation inside compressors
• compressed air dryers
• condensate separators
• pressure vessels

Technical data