Serie LBB50


       PURPOSE designed for work in the air supply of urban electric transport (trolleybus and tram)


Power of compressor 380V/3Ph/50Hz
Ambient temperature from -40 °С up to  +40 °С
Max. working pressure 9 bar
Air flow 460 l/min
Electric motor power 4,0 kW
Quantity of cylinders 2
Quantity of compression stages 1
Rpm 950 min-1
Dimensions: 885 х 536 х 460 mm max
Weight netto 92 kg max

Implementation is available in the following modifications in accordance with the overall and coupling dimensions:
  • SB4-LBB50.321
  • SB4-LBB50.P
  • SB4-LBB50.T103
  • SB4-LBB50.T203
  • SB4-LBB50.601
  • SB4-LBB50.5265
  • SB4-LBB50.5298
  • SB4-LBB50.E