EnergAir Metacentre

metacentre_xc_200.jpgEnergAir Metacentre XC is a specialized microprocessor system for control of the working group of compressors (up to 24 compressors) included into the common compressed-air network. It allows to regulate and control pressure in the set parameters in any point of the user’s compressed-air network.


  • Connection, control and regulation of operation from 2 to 24 screw compressors of any models, types of different manufacturers.
  • Maintenance of constant pressure in the controlled point of the compressed-air network with the precision up to 0,2 bar.
  • Table technology which allows to form up to 6 different groups, with the different strategy of control and regulation of operation of compressor plants.
  • Real time clock allows to set more accurately the pressure parameters, referred to real time.
  • Intelligence system of preliminary control of pressure in the system. The possibility of adjustment of pressure parameters at any time.
  • Mode of regulation of electric power consumption at the expense of the modern effective control system and control of operation modes of compressors.
  • Intelligence system of control of the operation of two and more compressors equipped with the frequency transducer.
  • Possibility of control of operation of the auxiliary equipment, for example, air preparation system.
  • Possibility of forming different zones of placement of compressors, control of each of them.
  • Remote control and maintenance of pressure balance in the automatic mode.
  • Remote extension of input/output for regulating the operation of the auxiliary equipment.
  • Technology of automation of the virtual relay.
  • Possibility of adding the reserve pressure sensor. It increases the system reliability, regulation of pressure difference at air cleaning, connection of the sensor-flowmeter.