Portable compressors with DEUTZ diesel engine (made in Germany)

Portable compressor with DEUTZ diesel engine (Germany)
Technical characteristics Model
DК-3/15D DК-4/10D DК-5/7D
Air flow, m3/min 3 3 4
Operating pressure, bar 7 15 10 7
Compressor oil system capacity, L 13 18 18 18
Quantity and size of connections, pcs 2xG3/4” 2хGЗ/4”+1хG1” 2хGЗ/4”+1хG1”
Type F02M2011 F03M2011 F03M2011 F03M2011
Number of Cylinders, pcs 2 3 3 3
Max RPM 2750
2500 2500 2500
Nominal power, kW 23.3 33.5 33.5 33.5
Cooling system oil oil oil oil
Oil system capacity, L 8 11 11 11
Fuel consumption at full power, l/h 5.2 8.0 8.0 8.0
Fuel tank capacity, L 45 75 75 75
External dimensions of compressor on wheels with adjustable drawbar A×B×C, mm (weight, kg) 3120×1500×1335 (740) 3480×1500×1320 (930) 3480×1500×1320 (930)
3480×1500×1320 (930)
External dimensions on frame A×B×C, mm (weight, kg) 1600×1300×1020 (670) 2050×1300×1040 (850) 2050×1300×1040 (850) 2050×1300×1040 (850)

Diesel screw compressor stations are made using the latest technology and conform to the modern environmental protection requirements.

Remeza diesel screw compressor stations are designed to generate compressed air and supply it to pneumatic tools, drives, mechanisms for roadworks, building and other works to mechanize heavy and labor-intensive processes. It is an ideal source of compressed air for construction and road works. Standard stations operate at ambient temperatures from -15 to +45 ° C. Stations of special design operate at between -35 and +45 °C (Option Т).

Screw air end manufactured by “Rotorcomp” (Germany)

  • High reliability.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Production of a plant for working pressure of 7 to 15 bar.

Diesel engine manufactured by «DEUTZ» (Germany)

Дизельный двигатель компании «DEUTZ»
  • Extended service intervals, maintenance after 500 hours of operation.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • No diesel engine coolant, cooling is performed with the oil of the engine lubrication system.
  • Warranty period of 24 months.
  • Average overhaul life of 15 000 hours.
  • All maintenance points are located on one side of the engine.
  • High maintainability, piston group is of three repair sizes.
  • Broad service network worldwide with after-sales service.
  • Service center locations are listed on www.deutz.de in the section Partners.


  • Powder weatherproof coating provides corrosion resistance.
  • Accessibility to all of the station components during maintenance and repair.
  • Convenient refueling, fuel tank is equipped with a fuel level sensor.
  • Fuel tank volume makes it possible for the station to operate at full load for at least eight hours.
  • The design of the frame pallet excludes the possibility of ground contacting with the fluids.
  • Small body size and removable drawbar makes it possible to load 8 compressor stations into a eurowaggon.

Chassis manufactured by «AL-KO» (Germany)

Шасси .png
  • High security.
  • Hot-dip galvanizing provides optimum protection against corrosion.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Rugged and durable construction with reinforced trunnion axle.
  • Easily removable drawbar.

Design options

  • On supports.
  • On chassis with regulated drawbar height, NATO loop, Ø 76 mm.

Microprocessor control system

Скриншот 2018-03-30 08.28.53.png
  • Indication of operating modes, operating time (hour meter), the battery charge and start enabling signal.
  • The protection and emergency shutdown of the engine with the indication:
    1. generator failure (broken belt);
    2. air filter pollution of the;
    3. engine oil pressure below the permissible;
    4. high temperature of the engine motor oil;
    5. high temperature compressor oils;
    6. fuel filter pollution;
    7. low level of fuel in the tank.
    8. LCD display, LED indicators.

Flexible drive coupling

Эластичная приводная муфта.jpg
  • Torque transmission from the diesel engine to the screw unit through a flexible drive coupling

Advantages compared to belt-driven:

  • compact, low-noise connection
  • no energy losses in the transmission of torque from the engine to the compressor
  • does not require adjustment and commissioning
  • less influence on the bearing life of the drive shaft of the diesel engine and the screw block


  • The stations are supplied fully prepared for the operation, only refuel is needed.
  • Package Includes: Battery, counter recoil mechanisms, light reflective elements

  • The control panel is protected from the weathering effects and mechanical damage.

  • Balanced lifting device with a ring.
  • Loading - unloading is carried out by fixing the hoist hook to the lifting device ring, without additional strapping.

  • Total air filter for screw compressor and diesel engine reduces the material and time costs for maintenance.
  • Air filter contamination system reports on the need to maintain the air filter

  • Additional fuel pre-filter with water separator and water sensor provides high quality fuel filtering and helps to avoid the ingress of water into the fuel system of the diesel engine.

  • Compressed air outlet is provided with three output taps.