Portable compressors with MMZ diesel engine (Belarus) 100kW

 ДК12-10 (1).png

Technical characteristics Model
DК-10/15 DК-12/12
Air flow, m3/min 12 10 12
Operating pressure, bar 10 15 12
Quantity and size of connections, pcs 3хGЗ/4”+1хG1 1/2”
3хЗ/4”+1 1/2”
3хЗ/4”+1 1/2”
Type D245. 9Е2
D245. 9Е2
D245. 9Е2
Fuel tank capacity, L 170 170 170
External dimensions of compressor on wheels A×B×C, mm (weight, kg) 4360×1810×1950
External dimensions on frame A×B×C, mm (weight, kg) 2860×1430×1570
DК-....     - diesel driven compressor stations mounted on chassis
DК-...Р    - diesel driven compressor stations mounted on frame
Option Т - "Winter package", ambient temperature between -35 ºС to +40 ºС 
Option В - adjustable drawbar

  • Junction of the diesel engine with a screw compressor unit via a clutch.
  • Remote control, control levers and delivery nozzles are brought to outboard panel of the plant body allowing to control the plant without opening the cover.
  • Removable drawbar and torsion-bar suspension – mobility, ability to choose the way of transportation and usage of the device according to the situation.
  • Presence of the balanced lifting device.
  • Diesel engine Д245 manufactured by Minsk Motor Plant is widely known on the market, has well developed support service, availability of spare parts on the market, availability of qualified professionals in all organizations providing maintenance and repair of these diesel engines (these diesel engines are installed in the well-known MTZ tractors (Minsk Tractor Plant).
  • Operating temperature -35 - +40 °C (Option Т).
  • Usage of a high efficiency screw unit produced by the leading manufacturers from Italy.
  • Automatic capacity control system according to the actual flow rate of air consumption, with manual override.
  • Polymeric weatherproof coating - increases body corrosion resistance.
  • Easy access to all components and assemblies that require regular maintenance.
  • Emergency protection systems based on engine coolant temperature, low oil pressure in the engine, high oil temperature in the compressor.
  • Viewing the error log
  • Protection and emergency stop of the engine with indication:
    1. failure (belt break) of the generator;
    2. contamination of the air filter;
    3. the oil pressure in the engine is below the permissible value;
    4. high engine oil temperature;
    5. high temperature of compressor oil;
    6. contamination of the fuel filter;
    7. low fuel level in the tank;
    8. LCD display, LED indicators.